Teba Gil Diaz

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“Thanks to the individual expertise from each university in the consortium I acquired a multidisciplinary and complementary understanding of marine sciences”

I performed my master studies in the field of oceanography within this Master program in 2013-2015. I feel very …

Tamer Hafez

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My name is Tamer Hafez, I am from Egypt and I am from 2013-2015 master cohort. After graduating with a biology degree, I always had a passion in having a career in Marine sciences and conservation. Fortunately, this master just put …

Tifanie Briaudeau

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“Changing university and country every 6 months was challenging, and incredible experience”

My name is Tifanie Briaudeau and I was a Msc student from 2011 to 2013. Previously, I studied General Biology and Geology in the University of Bordeaux (Licence …

Rick Leong

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“MER experience include immersing oneself to transboundary culture and societies, which cannot be described by words alone…”

My name is Rick Leong and a Malaysian enrolled in the 2014-2016 cohort of the MSc. Originating with a degree in BSc in …