RiMER (Research in Marine Environment & Resources) is a compulsory course through which all the students will meet in an emblematic venue, the Auditorium of the Donostia-San Sebastian Aquarium (Basque Country), for 1 week at the start of semester 2 and in the Plentzia Marine Station (UPV/EHU) for 1 week at the end of semester 2, with: >40 lecturers; students from the previous cohort and those MER Consortium graduates carrying out their PhD; academic and research staff from Partners and Associated Partners; and invited lecturers from Europe and overseas. Likewise, stakeholders will participate in round tables and satellite activities including visits to their premises or small exhibition fairs organised around the celebration of the RiMER course. Social and cultural integration is also pursued: in Donostia-San Sebastian, all the students stay in the same residence; which, together with costs of bus travel from Bordeaux and to Plentzia is covered by the MER Consortium.