Practical training in work placements are regarded as key elements in enhancing graduates’ employability.

Before starting Semester 3, students may follow a Professional Placement (in marine / environmental sectors) of around 150 hours (4 weeks maximum) within a partner of the MER Consortium. Students work under the guidance of a mentor in this host organisation and an academic supervisor from the partner universities. The Professional Placement should allow the student to understand how knowledge acquired during schooling may be applied to solving problems in real world situations. Likewise, the student should get aware of training needs and career aspirations in the field of ocean science. Through the Professional Placement the student is immersed in the working environment and will get acquainted with real-life job world.


  • to become familiar with different workplace functions and roles expected for a particular profession.
  • to facilitate a period of professional practice to assist students in making an informed decision concerning their career path.

Professional Placements are offered by MER Consortium partners along Year 1 of the programme; especially, but not only, as summer internships. They consist of internships carried out in compliance of the ECTS recognition requirements approved by the JPB for the Professional Placement module; say, it should be an internship in a MER Consortium partner carried out under the supervision of a professional mentor and an academic supervisor, and must be recognised as eligible for Professional Placement in the individual student agreement. Documentation including the assessment and its approval by the JPB must be submitted before Semester 3 to the ULiège UAB to be recognised as an optional 6 ECTS module in place of one of the optional courses. A Professional Placement agreement will arrange the rights and duties of both the student and Professional Placement provider.

 Professional Placement – PROCEDURE AND TIMELINE
 Call to providers
1) The call is approved by the JPB (September JPB meeting).
2) The PP Academic Chair:
  • Opens the call on October 4th (Deadline November 15th): Provider`s Offer Form (eligibility criteria, Activity Plan, conditions).
  • Publishes the Selected Offer List by December 10th: Deadline for students to apply on January 20th.
  • Provides feedback to Providers by January 30th.
3) Each Provider sends the corresponding ranking of eligible applicants to the PP Academic Chair (February 10th).
4) The PP Academic Chair, upon consultation (e.g., by email) with the JPB, publishes the Definitive List of Professional Placements by February 28th.
5) The definitive List is ratified by the JPB (JPB March meeting).
1) The JPB Chair updates the Student Agreement (MER Secretariat) and the EM Tool Mobility before the placement dates.
2) The PP Academic Chair gets the Professional Placement Agreement signed by the Host Organisation’s Official Representative and the JPB Chair (email copies is enough) before the placement – This agreement includes as annex the Activity Plan Form; which is signed by the Student, the Professional Mentor and the Academic Supervisor.
3) The start of the placement should take place as soon as possible. The end date should be by August 20th at the latest.
1) Immediately after the completion of the Professional Placement, the student:
  • Produces a Written Report, with a maximum of 10 pages and the following headings: Title, Summary; Professional Context; Acquired competences and skills; Outputs (if any); Added value for your career prospects; Academic relevance; Other comments.
  • Complete the Student Report Forms, briefly explaining in the comments the reasons for major deviations from the Activity Plan Form, if these were the case.
  • Send these documents to the Professional Mentor, always within 7 days after the end date of the Professional Placement.
4) The Professional Mentor completes the PP Assessment Form (including a proposed mark) and sends it to the Academic Supervisor.
5) The Academic Supervisor decides the final mark and submits his/her decision, together with the Written Report, the Student Report Forms and the PP Assessment Form, to the PP Academic Chair.
6) The PP Academic Chair, upon consultation (e.g., by email) with the JPB, communicates the marks of the Professional Placement to the Student by early September.
5) The definitive mark is ratified by the JPB (JPB September meeting).
 Registration in ULiège
1) The PP Academic Chair authorises registration of the Professional Placement in ULiège in Semester 3, according to the Study Plan detailed in the updated Student Agreement, and in agreement with the procedures un force in ULiège.