Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is encouraged with specific courses of the Module 6 (Ocean Scientist Career) of the taught programme, together with promoting the exposure of students to non-academic partners; e.g., in the RiMER course, the Turquoise Day, the Joint Vivas, the summer Internships and the Professional Placement. This taught part is aimed at developing their creative and entrepreneurial thinking and provide students with skills to recognize and generate opportunities aligned to their capacities.

Outreach to potential employment sectors

In order to promote the visibility of Joint Programme and its graduates for potential employers, the MER Alumni Portfolio (targeted to stakeholders) will be worldwide distributed and updated every intake.

Assisted by the non-academic Associates missions of delegates of the MER Consortium will present the programme and the potential graduates’ profiles to relevant industrial clusters of the marine and maritime sectors, especially in the field of marine environment.

 The MER Consortium Alumni, assisted by the MER Secretariat, produces a webinar every intake, where testimonials and success stories will be presented together with an on-line debate. The webinar will be of open access to public external to the MER Consortium and Alumni, after (free) registration in the MER Secretariat.

Career Start Up Internship

In order to enhance employability of graduates and the preparation of their professional career a Career Start Up Internship is offered as part of the Programme without ECTS recognition but included in the Student Agreement. While the students are still enrolled in EHU, they are given the option to continue in EHU for up to 6-8 weeks (July-August). Worked out skills include how to search for jobs or calls and prepare the CV and documents to apply for jobs, grants and scholarships. The students are given academic (tutor) and administrative (MER Secretariat) support, and may even apply or prepare real applications whenever possible.