Staff mobility is a relevant part of the EMJMD programme, particularly during the RiMER course and the MSc Thesis vivas (External Members of the MsSc Thesis Examination Board). In addition, staff mobility includes ‘guest’ scholars from both Programme and Partner Countries, who are regularly or periodically invited to teach parts of other courses. As a result, a well-established network of regular guest teaching staff will enhance academic excellence of the EMJMD. Lecturer mobility between the partners is facilitated via bilateral agreements and where possible be supported by regular Erasmus mobility funds, especially for joint activities such as the RiMER and the Stareso Field Trip, as well as for vivas Examination Boards and satellite intensive courses organised in between semesters in parallel with optional internships.

Missions of MER Consortium delegates to Associates are being planned to enhance the participation and to foster incoming collaboration and joint developments. For this purpose, teaching staff of the partner universities, together with JPB representatives will carry out short visits to Associates, especially for Partner Countries, in order to present and promote the EMJMD (e.g., by means of lectures, seminars with local teaching staff, and meetings with academic responsibles). These will be regionally organised at world scale or sectorally organised within the EU (non-academic associates from Programme Countries).

As a whole, staff mobility will provide academics with the opportunity to know other European, and also non-European, Higher Education Systems, thus enhancing their academic and managerial competences for networking and internationalisation and improving academic and educational management procedures and approaches at home universities.