All the students start in UPV/EHU for one Induction Week, in early September of Semester 1. Then academic and administrative formalities are accomplished and the new students have the opportunity to attend the vivas of the cohort finishing their programme when they start and to prepare logistics for Semester 2 (e.g., accommodation) and potential Professional Placements or Internships to be carried out in the Summer between Semester 2 and Semester 3. Travel and accommodation costs for this introductory week are included as part of the participation costs. All this constitutes a great opportunity for inter-cohort interactions and for an exciting induction first week of the MER+ programme.

Besides, welcome introductory weeks are provided successfully in SOTON for Semesters 1 and 3, UBx for Semester 1, ULiège for Semester 3 and UPV/EHU for Semester 2