A introductory week is at the start of the programme each Semester. Through it, newly-arrived students meet local ones and learn details about the campus and the life in the campus, transportation, safety, etc, and participate in get-together activities with other foreign and local students and staff.

In UPV/EHU, this week coincides with the RiMER course and “get-together” coffee breaks, lunch, a party and dinner, together with cultural activities are combined with the teaching activity in order to favour a communication atmosphere between students, MER staff and invited staff.

A solution to help with integration is offered to students in UB, through the Université du Temps Libre, which proposes activities to foreign students during their spare time (trips, lessons in French cuisine, etc). This approach is of great assistance in getting them acquainted with the regional and national culture. At the same location, Student Associations (for example IMAGE Bordeaux Student Association of the UFR Earth & Sea Sciences, the ERASMUS Bordeaux student association) also offer a wide range of activities and cultural exchanges.

At the ULg, many activities are planned throughout the year, from Welcome Days to cultural visits in Belgium, as well as in a neighbouring country, e.g. to Maastricht, where all foreign students are gathered together with Students Associations.

Moreover, all the Partners have developed Buddy services, assisted by home students that have been or will be undertaking mobility to other universities (e.g. Erasmus/Socrates Student Mobility Programme, etc).

Each Partner University organises a Welcome Day, every year, to welcome Erasmus and other foreign students. Regularly, students and staff from the other Partner Universities are invited to participate in this activity.