The MSc Thesis research is undertaken during Semester 4 (30 ECTS).

The MSc Thesis is judged following the procedure of the Coordinating University (UPV/EHU) where the students present the MSc Thesis, unless otherwise agreed.

The thesis has to be written up and defended in front of a Thesis Examination Board, proposed by the JPB. The thesis written report will be presented in English, French, Spanish or Basque language (+ 2nd language summary), always according to the standard structure/extension of a scientific paper; the dissertation assessment will include a 20 min oral presentation plus a questions/discussion session for an additional 15 min.

The oral presentation will be made in English and a simultaneous translation service will not be available.

The MSc Thesis is judged following the consensus procedure approved by the MER Consortium JPB.


To provide an introduction to the chemistry of sea-water through qualitative and quantitative approaches and presentation of the chemical interactions between the lithosphere, the biosphere, the atmosphere and the ocean.


At the end of the Unit, the student should: demonstrate sufficiency for research in order to undertake the realisation of the PhD Thesis work, or a professional activity as researcher.


5-6 month research under the supervision of a PhD holder.

A list of available MSc Thesis research projects is available every September.


The student must achieve a minimum ECTS grade of E («pass») in the coursework as a whole (Semesters 1-3; 90 ECTS), to progress to the Dissertation (Semester 4).

Master Thesis research might be started in anticipation (e.g., Semester 3), if so scheduled in the Student Agreement (for instance, for some research subjects, seasonality may be a crucial consideration; etc.). Nevertheless, this opportunity to start the project earlier does not imply any change in the general requisite.