A gross estimate of the budget needed to complete the MER2030 EMJMD course (2 years) is provided together with the potential contribution resulting from common funding opportunities. It is only valuable for orientation purposes.

Students without a Erasmus+ Student scholarship are eligible to be awarded a MCG waiver so that the full registration for the two academic years could be cut to around 7000 €, provided pathway A2 is followed.

The MER Consortium Secretariat can assist you in getting funding but it cannot be ensured that you will be successful.

The MER Consortium JPB strongly recommends you to consider the expected costs of the programme (PDF) in a realistic way before you decide to enroll. The MER Consortium cannot assume any responsibility if a student must leave the MER2030 EMJMD programme before its conclusion due to economical reasons.

Living costs in the different cities:

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