Partner Universities and associated institutions provide appropriately qualified staff to deliver the MER MSc Programme. The JPB will facilitate staff development events and opportunities, as part of the operation of the MER MSc Programme.

The Partner universities have a long tradition of teaching at the postgraduate level; we all have doctorate schools, where motivated students can enrol in a PhD programme.

SOTON and UB have offered renowned postgraduate degrees in Oceanography and Marine Sciences for, between them, more than 40 years.

Besides regular postgraduate studies, all Partners have been involved in pioneering educational networks at an European scale, within the field of marine and environmental sciences.

Many staff involved in MER also give lectures around Europe, within the framework of the Erasmus programme.

Many members of staff have held positions at other internationally-recognised institutions, before joining their present departments. Some are world leaders in their field.

An academic adviser (mentor) will be appointed for every pre-registered student, who will follow the advances and help the student after registration.

Additionally, the student will have a in situ tutor and a research supervisor during the realization of the Master Thesis that can be either the mentor or not.