The programme is aimed at:

  • forming multidisciplinary graduates of transverse research profile in a fully integrated world class Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree
  • developing the student’s critical understanding of technical and scientific tools together with excellent management abilities and personal skills
  • achieving high academic standards, supported by recognised quality assurance (QA) procedures and by the implementation of the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programm
  • promoting both staff exchange and student mobility under a balanced ECTS scheme
  • building a global MER Community


General objectives:

  • To achieve postgraduate education of academic excellence in the marine environment field, with solid conceptual foundations and innovative practical components on the basis of a translational science approach. For this purpose, students follow diverse disciplines with contents ranging from cellular and molecular biology to large-scale processes, or management; these are targeted to respond to societal demands identified in the UN DOSSD 2021-2030 and to support environmental protection policies.
  • To enhance EHEA internationalisation through (a) promoting its attractiveness for the best students worldwide, (b) providing EU students with opportunities to follow a part of the programme abroad, and (c) putting into practice joint procedures for monitoring progress in student mobility.
  • To improve the level of competences and skills of postgraduate students to study independently and manage a comprehensive project, by means of the research component of the programme; thus fostering leadership in marine environment research, consultancy and management.
  • To promote professionalism, entrepreneurship and employability of postgraduates, as well as the social projections of their careers in the field of the marine environment.
  • To promote intercultural understanding, critical thinking, tolerant attitudes, gender equality and civic values, in order to strengthen EU and global citizenship and lay the foundations for inclusive societies.