Together with the Student Agreement draft a Partner Country applicant receives a letter of acceptance to be used for visa procurement. A letter is sent also to the embassies or consulates involved, with general information about MER EMJMD Programme and the individually-tailored Study Plan designed for the Applicant.
A warning reminder service is timely provided by email as well, to avoid the Applicant delaying the visa procedure. International Offices help in-coming students with formalities such as permits of stay, social insurance, housing and local language courses.
Relevant information for mer consortium emjmd students rergarding travel and visas:

DISCLAIMER 01: Visas and residence permits are responsibility of individuals and as such the MER Consortium partner universities and the MER Secretariat are not entitled to manage and proceed with visas and residence permits. The MER Consortium can only provide support through information, contacts, letters or other documents and the experience of the international offices and the help desk and escort services. Thus, each student is free and absolute responsible to follow different procedures to obtain the needed permits to travel and line in Europe during the realisation of the programme.

DISCLAIMER 02: The information on visas and permits provided herein is only for guidance purposes. The MER Consortium cannot be responsible of any changes or updates in requirements and procedures that might occur. The MER Consortium strongly recommend the students to contact the International Offices of the Universities, the Embassies/Consulates and travel agencies to secure safe and successful completion of the visas and permits procedures. Links are provided to assist in these purposes.

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