Language diversity in Europe is seen as an added-value of studies in Europe. Students are provided with the possibility of using the official languages of the three host countries (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Basque), the language of instruction (English) and the language of the country where they carry out their thesis project (other than English, French, Spanish or Basque).

The Partner Universities offer language learning support through training courses in several European languages. All universities procure language courses for foreign students, taught by specific departments; they promote the national languages, in order to facilitate social integration.

Partners dispose of the necessary resources to enforce this policy (International Offices, Language Centres, Intensive training sessions offered twice a year); these are sponsored and paid for by the universities.

These courses are delivered on the basis of long-lasting experience gained within the Erasmus/Socrates framework and could be recognised to students, upon approval by the UPV/EHU UAB (“Multicultural Integration in EU” course in the MER official curriculum; 4 ECTS; UPV/EHU).