MER2030 EMJMD students can follow their MSc research programme in any Partner institution or in Associated Partners or other collaborating institutions, which will host a student considering the field of his/her MSc Thesis, according the subject a student chooses.

A list of available MSc Thesis research projects is available every September. For guidance, previous to its publication, you can check the past MSc Thesis list.

The majority of the students carry out the research for their MSc Thesis in a third institution, both in Europe and overseas. For this purpose bilateral agreements (Individual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU template) are signed between the institutions involved and UPV/EHU. Specific Agreements are available for the case of some Associated partners:

  • AZTI-Tecnalia Agreement (Annex (DOC))
  • IEO Agreement (Annex)

Likewise, The MER Consortium JPB may accept a proposal made individually by a student, provided the proposed supervisor and host institution accept and always in compliance with the academic requirements of the Joint MER2030 EMJMD programme. If you have a proposal, please contact the MER Consortium Secretariat by email:; this will provide administrative support to formalize the bilateral agreement (MoU template) required when the supervisors are from institutions other than the MER Consortium.


When deciding the place where you will carry out your research part of the MER EMJMD programme you must take into account that:

  • According to the Erasmus+ programme regulations, contribution to subsistence costs (monthly allowance) must neither be given to scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods spent in their country of residence; nor to scholarship holders from a Partner Country for the EMJMD periods exceeding 3 months spent in any Partner Country.
  • Thus, those students carrying out their MSc research at their home country will not receive monthly allowance payments during this period, and Programme country students will receive these payments only for a maximum of 3 months when their research placement is in a Partner Country.