The MER Alumni Association includes former MER MSc and MER EMMC graduates and will also include MER2030 EMJMD graduates and has developed networking tools in which also staff from the Partner Universities and non-educational and non-academic Associate Partners. This networking is aimed at enhancing employability of our graduates across Europe and worldwide.

The MER Alumni Association is promoted by the MER Consortium, with a regular newsletter and links in this website. Members are informed of joint activities of the MER Consortium Postgraduate Programmes (e.g. RiMER, MSc Thesis vivas and Graduation, etc.) and extend a welcome to them.

Networking is facilitated also and encouraged, by the creation of a collaborative platform, integrated within the Consortium’s information system (MER2030); in particular, through the creation of a dedicated blog managed by the MER Alumni Association.

One session in the RiMER course is left available every year to be organised by the MER Alumni Association.

The MER Consortium Alumni, assisted by the MER Secretariat will produce a webinar every year, where testimonials and success stories will be presented together with a on-line debate. The webinar will be of open access to public external to the MER Consortium and Alumni, after (free) registration in the MER Secretariat.