Senior Lecturer in Oceanology (2006-present). Research: Oceanography, Marine ecology, Marine phanerogames, stable isotopes, nutrients and food chains, trace elements, coastal pollution and management. Teaching (ULg Faculty of Science): MSc Biology of Organisms and Populations + MSc Oceanography. International Collaboration of EqEL Lab, U Corse (FR). Centre for Anatomy and Cell Biology Medical U Wien (AT), Department of Botany U Western Australia, (AU), IAMC-CNR Lab Marine Ecology Palermo, (IT), Department of Human and Environmental Science, U Pisa (IT) Coop UNiv (CUD) Marine Area Management Segenal, IFREMER-Med Lab of Marine Biology UFR SEN, U Antilles and Guyane. Supervisor: > 30 MSc Thesis. Member: Department of Science and Environmental Management Council, Faculty of Science Council, Council Sectorial Research, Council Study of Oceanology, Committee Science Found Oceanography and Marine Bottom Research, Com Liaison Stareso (2000-). Technical Advisor of Environmental Office Corse (2006-). 2 book chapters > 40 articles.