Group Head for Aquatic Animal Disease in Cefas’ Aquatic Health and Hygiene Division (2008-present). Responsible for inter alia the strategic development of science in this area. Senior responsible officer to Defra for Aquatic Animal Disease. Since 1982 involved in the regular monitoring of fish diseases in UK coastal waters and the assessment of fish and shellfish for pathological changes. Co-ordinator for quality assurance in the use of fish diseases and liver histopathology for biological effects monitoring (EU BEQUALM program). Involved in Myxosporean research since 1979 with emphasis on proliferative kidney disease (PKD). Project Liaison Officer for the building of the Cefas Weymouth Laboratory, including specialist input into the design of the histology, histochemistry and EM facilities. Instigated Cefas activities in the field of biological effects of nanomaterials in aquatic organisms. Development of expertise in the field of amphibian pathology in Cefas since 2005. Represents Defra on International Working Groups (ICES WG on Pathology and Diseases of Marine Organisms). President of the European Association of Fish Pathologists. > 180 articles.