Professor in Physical Geography in the Nanjing University of Nanjing (China) (2000 – present) and visiting Professor in the International Ocean Institute (China Operational Center) of Tianjin (China) (1997 – present). Expertise in sediment transportation in shallow marine environments, coastal and continental shelf geomorphology, water and sediment exchange in estuaries and other coastal embayments, formation of mud deposits on continental shelves, coastal engineering, ocean and coastal Management, methodology and history of earth sciences and post-graduate education processes. Professional membership: member of SCOR Working Group 122 (2006-2010), member of the Scientific Steering Committee of LOICZ (2000-2005), member of the International Association of Sedimentologists (2000-present), member of the American Geophysical Union (1999-present), member of the Chinese Society of Ocean Engineering (1999-present), member of the Continental Margin Task Team (CMTT, LOICZ) (1998-2001), member of the Geographical Society of China (1997-present), member of the Chinese Society of Oceanology and Limnology (1997-present), member of the Coastal Education and Research Foundation, USA (1997-present), member of PACON (Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology) (1997-1998), member of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA (1995); and member of the ECSA (Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association), UK (1994-1999). Editorship with several scientific journals: Editorial Board of Ocean Science Journal (Korea) (2005-), Editorial Board of Marine Geology (Elsevier) (2004-), Editorial Board of Chinese Science Bulletin (China) (2003-), Editorial Board of Acta Oceanologia Sinica (China) (2003-), Editorial Board of Ocean and Polar Research (Korea) (2001-2004), Associate Editor of Continental Shelf Research (Elsevier) (2000-), Editorial Board of Marine Sciences (China) (2000-present), Associate Editor of Studia Marina Sinica (China) (1999-2000), Editorial Board of The Yellow Sea (China-Korea) (1998-present), Editorial Board of Oceanologia et Limnologia Sinica (China) (1997-present). > 150 articles.