Director of the Underwater and Oceanographical Research Station (STARESO) at Calvi in Corsica. Main activities include the development and coordination of scientific programs. Specialist in the behaviour of fish and the logistics of coastal oceanology. Participation in many international missions, of which several missions of diving in saturation with the NOAA, as well as an ICOTA mission on board the Astrolabe in January 2006. Selected publications: (1) Gobert, S; Sartoretto, S; Rico-Raimondino, V ; Andral, B; Chery, A; Lejeune, P; Boissery, P. 2009. Assessment of the ecological status of Mediterranean French coastal waters as required by the Water Framework Directive using the Posidonia oceanica Rapid Easy Index: PREI. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 58 (11): 1727-1733; and (2) Gobert, S; Lejeune, P; Lepoint, G; Bouquegneau, JM. 2005. C, N, P concentrations and requirements of flowering Posidonia oceanica shoots. HYDROBIOLOGIA, 533: 253-259.