Full Professor of Geological Sciences, EAFIT University, Medellín, Colombia. Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Earth Sciences, Dept Geological Sciences, EAFIT University. Expert in environmental oceanography of deltas, estuaries, and coastal lagoons waters, with focus on the factors controlling water discharge, sediment load, and dissolved load to the ocean from the Pacific and Caribbean rivers of Colombia. Head of the Magdalena River Science Initiative in Colombia, Involved as a resource scientist for the sub-programs of LOICZ-IGBP Basins, SAmBas (South American Basins) and CariBas (Caribbean Basins), and also, as a member of the Scientific Steering Committees of LOICZ-IGBP and Colciencias (Colombia) in the Marine Science Program. Participant in the Coastal Communities and Systems, and Caribbean Assessment Chapters of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA). Visiting professor of the European Union in the master program “Water and Coastal Management”, at the University of Texas (Austin; 2011-2012), and at the University of Colorado (Boulder; 2009-2011). Consultant of the International Water Project (United Nations University and Global Environmental Fund. GEF). 48papers and scientific reports and books.