FNRS senior researcher (1981-89), Prof ULg (1999), Dean of the Faculty of Science (2000-08), Actual Dean of the Faculty of Science (2008-). Research: ecotoxicology, marine pollution, metals physiology and biochemistry, marine carbon cycle, Posidonia seagrass ecology, isotope ecology. Director of the laboratory of Oceanology ULg. Director of BSc Biology teaching staff. Chief Executive of Off Pier Knowledge ASBL. Academic head in Réjouisciences. Member Board Directors ULg (1995-08). Permanent member Board Faculty Science. Chair Board MSc Oceanography. Founder member & Member Board Directors (15 yr) US IRMA. Chair 10th Boarrd FRIA. Chair Scientific Commission animal biology FNRS (biochemistry). Member: Scientific commmission animal & plant physiology. Fonds Wetenshappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen (1997-07); National Commission Oceanology Royal Academy Belgium & Koninklijke Academy of Belgium, Belgium Centre Oceanography; Royal Society Science Liège; Zoological Society Belgium; European Cetacean Society. 2 books, 8 book chapters, >90 articles.