Research Director, HR Wallingford, United Kingdom (2006 – present). Specialist understanding of mathematical modelling and numerical analysis techniques. Working experience in information management and Geographic Information Systems. International participation in the development of integrated coastal zone management. Wide experience of the design and engineering of coastal structures, port and harbour facilities and intertidal habitats. Member of the Institution of Water and Environmental Management. Fédération Européene d’Associations Nationales d’Ingénieurs. Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton, Schools of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Engineering. Member of Oceans 2025 Advisory Board (2008-present). Member of Edinburgh Research Partnership (Civil and Environmental Engineering Joint Research Institute) Advisory Group (2008-present). Member of Institution of Civil Engineers, Innovation and Research Panel (2008-ongoing). Council member of the Scottish Association of Marine Science (2003-present). Member of International Scientific Advisory Board, AZTI, St Sebastian, Spain (2007-present). Member of Defra/EA Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Theme Advisory Group for Strategy and Policy Development (2006-present).