Professor in Physical Chemistry. > 35 MSc (Mundus WACOMA framework), 8+4 PhD thesis ongoing and supervisor of 4 post-doc research projects. Teaching abroad; U Nova Lisboa, U Bologna, U Algarve, U Bergen, U Plymouth, U Sta Cecilia (Brasil), U Ningbo (China). Research Projects (>50; in most Principal Investigator): Wise Coastal Practices for Human Development. UNITWIN/UNESCO network, US National Science Foundation (2), US Department of Energy (1), INTERREG (5), LIFE (1), Spanish MICINN , Autonomic Government of Andalusia, contracts with companies (20). Consultancies: PROFIT, CIS S.L., VOTORANTIM METAIS (Brasil). International Education Projects: Development of Integral Coast Management Training and Education (TEMPUS-TACIS EU); EMMC Water and Coastal Management (Coordinator); Joint MSc and PhD Programmes in Iberoamerica (AECID,09-10). >120 ISI papers; >200 Congresses.