Head of the Geological Processes and Coastal Engineering Unit of the Department of Marine Sciences (DMS) of the University of the Aegean (UoAg), Greece. Member of the Senate and the Research Committee of the University of the Aegean and departmental representative of the SOCRATES-ERASMUS Program. Expert on marine sedimentology, coastal dynamics, vulnerability to climatic changes, marine mineral resources, anthropogenic effects on coasts and the theory and practice of marine environmental impact assessment. Participation as Institutional Coordinator or Principal Researcher in >30 National, International and European research projects of the University of the Aegean and The University of Southampton and in > 20 large oceanographic research cruises in the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the North, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. Scientific consultant of International (e.g. UNEP-Grid, World Wide Fund (WWF)) and National organizations (e.g. UK Government Departments, the HM Customs and Excise) English and Greek Local Authorities and industries (e.g. BP Exploration Operating Company, Elf Caledonia Enterprise Ltd, ENNEMIX, Severn Sands and ARC). Author of the Special IPCC Report IPCC-SREX 2011 on coastal risks. >50 research publications in international journals, books and proceedings of international conferences.