Photo + Logo (University of Southampton)

SOTON is one of the U.K.’s top ten research Universities. SOTON is a hosting partner of the National Oceanography Centre (NOCS), which is a new, national research organisation created on 1st April 2010, delivering integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean, working in partnership with the UK marine research community. The NOCS ( is one of the world’s leading centres of excellence devoted to research, training, technology development and the provision of infrastructure in ocean and earth sciences. Scientists of international standing undertake research, from the shoreline to the mid-ocean ridges, from the atmosphere to the deep abyss. The Centre is a joint venture between SOTON and the NERC; it hosts about 450 research, lecturing and support staff, as well as over 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students. This undertakes academic, strategic and commissioned research, consultancy and collaborative projects with industry, (U.K.) government Departments, the EC and agencies world-wide; it assists the academic community and the private sector to solve problems and close information gaps. The Marine Information and Advisory Service (MIAS), at the NOCS provides a comprehensive search facility for both industry and academia; it is supported by the (U.K.) National Oceanography Library, comprising one of the most comprehensive marine-related literature and information centres of the world.

  • Expertise: science of the seafloor; ocean ecology and biodiversity; ocean circulation and properties; predictions and models; paleoceanography and climate change; and sensors and platforms.
  • Special facilities: NOCS houses a world-class collection of laboratories and modern experimental equipment used for research. Analytical resources are readily available within the University structure.
  • Instruction languages: English. Lang courses: English
  • Third-country main connections: China, Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa