Address: Cra 4 No. 22-61
Country: Colombia
City: Bogotá

Background and Experience

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano (UJTL) is a private university in Colombia, with campuses in Bogota, Santa Marta and Cartagena. UJTL, founded in 1954, is an educational institution of pluralistic nature, which seeks the formation of ethical, competent, critical and creative professionals, who share a sense of commitment to society, a respect for fellow human beings, their rights and the environment and contribute to the common good and social, cultural, business, scientific and aesthetic development, both nationally and internationally. UJTL is structured into 4 faculties-(1) Natural Sciences and Engineering, (2) Arts and Design, (3) Social Sciences, and (4) Administrative and Economic Sciences. The university offers 28 undergraduate and 55 graduate programs and has an enrolment of approx. 13,500 students. UJTL is accredited by the Colombian Ministry of Education (“Acreditación Institucional de Alta Calidad”). Embedded in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering is the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, which is further sub-divided into the academic programs of Marine Biology and Environmental Biology, which offer degrees at the bachelor, specialization, masters and PhD level. The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences comprises 12 full-time professors, of which 8 reside in Bogota and 4 in Santa Marta (where the advanced courses in marine sciences are being taught). Part-time professors complement the teaching activities. Each full-time professor is member of one of 6 research groups: (1) Dynamics and Management of Coastal Marine Ecosystems, (2) Cultivation and Management of Aquatic Organisms, (3) Bioprospecting and Biotechnology, (4) Genetics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, (5) Limnology and (6) Simulation and Modelling of Biosystems).