Country: Ecuador

Background and Experience

UCE is independent legal entity, of public right, with address in the city of Quito (Ecuador) and with capacity to extend their workings at national level. UCE is a university of long history that watches the future. UCE has the intention to develop postgraduate studies on the aquatic environment applied to the Amazonian Region, for which the alliance with the universities (ULg, Soton, UB and UPV/EHU) of the MER consortium and with the Univ Federal do Amazonas UFA (Manaus) is strategic.

At present UCE manages the interuniversity agreement between ULg, UFA and UCE for this purpose. UCE has experience in cooperation with these universities. The results have been excellent because teaching staff and researchers are prepared to work in inter and multidisciplinary dynamic teams. Thus, we expect notable advances within the MER EMMC framework, with potential development of a double degree schedule.

UCE staff (and potentially UFA staff through the existing agreement) will shared direction and supervise MSc theses in MER. UCE (and UFA) will contribute to the dissemination and visibility of the MER achievements and to the professional sector/associations in the Pacific and Amazonian regions. Attracting potential students: Central and South America, through UCE and UFA websites and, newsletters. UCE will also contribute to provide advice for potential career prospects in the region. UCE will prepare a joint curriculum development with the MER consortium, in search of potential future joint postgraduate programmes (and double degrees) on aquatic environmental issues useful for the Amazonia.