Address: Avenida Alvaro Obregon s/n, Colonia Nueva, Segunda,
City: Mexicali
Country: Mexico

Background and Experience

The UABC is one of the top State-run, public universities of Mexico. In 2010 the university registered 47.878 students in all the four campus [19.700 in Mexicali, 18.295 in Tijuana y 9.883 in Ensenada].

UABC offers 119 academic programs divided in 63 university-level degrees (professional), 14 specializations (1-year programs), 28 Master in Science Programs (2-years) and 14 Doctoral Programs (4-years). Each campus of the UABC is specialized in different curricula/degree program:

  • Tijuana is strongly focus on business and humanities;
  • Mexicali in Engineering, Agronomics and Humanities,
  • Ensenada in Natural & Exact Sciences, Oceanography, Aquaculture, Environmental Management and Administration.
  • Tecate is the smallest campus and is focused on Administration and Engineering.

As an associate, UABC will promote the MER master among our students (Central & N American Pacific window). UABC staff will participate in an annual meeting with other members of the consortium to define the global policy of the Master and assist in QA procedures. UABC will be pleased to participate as teaching staff in the RIMER course and to host visiting students or supervise their MSc Thesis, as well as to participate in MSc thesis examination commissions.

Added value: Central and N America window