Address: Mechelininkatu 34 A
Country: Finland
City: Helsinki

Background and Experience

SYKE is both a research institute and a centre for environmental expertise, providing knowledge and solutions enabling sustainable development. SYKE is part of Finland’s national environmental administration and works under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment. With the staff of ca. 700 employees, SYKE covers all aspects of our living environment from urban areas to pristine locations and from environmental policy to laboratory analysis. SYKE has substantial experience in contaminant management, modelling, chemical and ecotoxicological studies and environmental risk assessment which have been applied in many international, especially Baltic Sea related projects. SYKE contributes in organizations as e.g. HELCOM, NORMAN, PEER, Nordic Council of Ministers, OECD and Baltic Nest Institute. SYKE has key role in promoting sustainable consumption and production in Finland. SYKE has long experience in reference laboratory actions such as intercalibration and standardization. The testing and calibration laboratory services are accredited by FINAS, the Finnish Accreditation Service. Laboratory Centre, Marine Research Centre and Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production involved in this application hold the key SYKE expertise and facilities needed in management and research of Baltic Sea hazardous contaminants.