Address: Pointe Revellata, BP 33
Country: France
City: Calvi

Background and Experience

Location and particularities: Installed in Calvi, Corsica, in a mediterranean pristine environment, just in front of the sea. A canyon and an upwelling system 1 miles from the lab Plankton, macroalgae, seagrass beds, rocky, coralligenous and sandy bottom… directly accessible from the lab Facilities 10 permanent staffs 30 international senior researchers fully associated 10 Master and PhD students Private port and direct access to boats Dry and wet labs, seawater and aquariums available Equiped course and conference rooms Full diving facility Complete lodging and catering accomodation: dormitary on the site for students and full confort rooms in a lighthouse, 300m from the site for scientists/professors Direct access to the sea from labs, course rooms and port.