Address: Oban Argyll
City: Oban
Country: Scotland, UK

Background and Experience

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) has been delivering independent marine science since 1884. Based in Oban, 150 staff are working for healthy and sustainably managed seas and oceans through world-class marine research, education and engagement with society.

SAMS is an independent non-profit membership organisation – registered Scottish Charity No 009206 and Company Limited by Guarantee No SC009292. We study how the marine environment works, how and why it is changing and how we could use and treat it better. Then we communicate and promote what we find for the public good. We undertake research into all aspects of the marine system and exchange our new understanding with society, policy makers, business and the next generation so that it can become useful and improve practices.

Science areas: Aquaculture; coastal ecosystems; environmental physics and autonomous technologies; industrial impacts; marine biotechnology; marine ecology and chemistry; socio-economical systems; also expertise in Arctic Seas.