Address: 6 Chemin de Jorlis
City: Anglet
Country: France

Background and Experience

The challenges of sustainable development, the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment lead Oteis to offer real service engineering, integrating expertise and project management, for both public and private customers. Working on their projects has given our teams a reputation recognized in France

Company of 500 employees, Oteis works in the fields of water engineering, planning and construction. The direction is involved in all the issues related to coastal development and of the marine environment and more mainly on the problems of tourist and recreational valorisation. This field of application requires collaborators with a strong general scientific background related to the sea and to the littorals as well as a capacity of adaptation and comprehension of the problems maritime vessels. Your training appears in this logic perfectly adapted to meet our recruitment and collaboration needs and we will be pleased to collaborate on the success of your project.