Address: Howbery Park.
City: Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Country: United Kingdom

Background and Experience

HR Wallingford is a commercial research organisation operating globally in the fields of civil engineering and environmental hydraulics, and water management. Our ‘Coasts and Estuaries’ and ‘Environment’ groups undertake research and consultancy studies on the marine and coastal environment, covering hydrodynamics, sediment transport, morphology and ecology. We have participated in national and international research for the UK government, European Commission and American research organisations (such as NOPP).

HR Wallingford recognises the beneficial interaction between specialist consultancy and research. Success in research is vital to maintain international reputation and leading edge in consultancy; this ensures sustainability and our ability to attract and retain high caliber staff.

HR Wallingford will support the SOTON in delivering courses for the MER. In addition to providing some teaching hours, HR Wallingford will be prepared to host up to one MSc student from the course each year at our premises for periods of up to 3 months each as they undertake their MSc Thesis. To support this we will develop a range of MSc topics that could be undertaken at HR Wallingford in collaboration with the University of Southampton.

Fields of expertise: Civil engineering and environmental hydraulics.

Added value: complementarities with MER (associated) partners; HR Wallingford is a commercial research organization, which recognizes the importance of beneficial interaction between specialist consultancy and research. As such we offer a contrast to the University partners and associated partners.