Address: 20 Staff Rd, The Univeristy of Queensland, St Lucia campus. Queensland
Country: Australia
City: Brisbane

Background and Experience

The Global Change Institute (GCI) at The University of Queensland, Australia, is an independent source of innovative research, ideas and advice for addressing the challenges of a changing world. GCI works to address the impacts of climate change, technological innovation and population growth through collaborative research across four key themes: Clean Energy, Food Systems, Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Water. Established in 2010, GCI’s research activities draw on the expertise and constituent parts of UQ’s world-class schools, institutes, faculties and centres.

GCI’s mission is to advance discovery, create solutions and influence decision-makers in order to position The University of Queensland as a global leader in addressing the challenges of a changing world. To archive this mission, GCI’ look at fostering discovery, learning and engagement by creating, applying and transferring knowledge for innovative and integrated solutions to the multitude of global challenges currently facing global society.