Address: Griffith University
Country: Australia
Post Code: 4222
City: Gold Coast

Background and Experience

The Griffith Centre for Coastal Management is a research centre based on the Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University. The Centre seeks to become a Centre of Excellence by developing and promoting on a national and international level, targeted research that contributes to all aspects of sustainable management of coastal regions. The Centre operates in partnership with the Gold Coast City Council on many of its projects. The Centre undertakes applied research and specialist consultancies relevant to sustainable management of urban environments in coastal regions and in particular Gold Coast City. The Centre has 7 Academic staff, 14 research staff and 6 research higher degree students. A key objective of the Centre is to establish effective research communication and adoption strategies for local, national and international stakeholders. The scope of the Centre is broad, providing expertise in areas relevant to the coastal and urban environments, including: coastal hydrodynamics and sedimentary processes; effluent disposal and dispersal in estuarine and coastal waters; innovative coastal engineering design and technology; urban catchment management and environmental processes assessment; numerical modelling of coastal hydrology and hydrodynamics; impacts of climate change and climate variability on coastlines and coastal systems, and coastal education and community engagement.