Address: Txatxarramendi Ugartea, z/g
Country: Spain
Post Code: 48395
City: Sukarrieta (Bizkaia)

Background and Experience

AZTI is a private non-profit research foundation established in 1981. It is a center of excellence in research, development and technological transference in the fields of Oceanography, Marine Environment, Fisheries and Food Technology. The topics that are covered include marine monitoring and quality assessment, marine management, implementation of EU policy, marine spatial planning, socio-economics, ocean renewable energies, energy efficiency in maritime transport, fishing technology, fish stock assessment, aquaculture, physical and biological oceanography, marine dynamics and modeling, marine environmental systems, and climate change. AZTI provides the scientific knowledge, innovation and technological development needed to implement an integrated management of oceans, coasts and their goods and services. We carry out research to achieve a responsible fishing activity accomplished by an economically competitive fleet. The integrated management of the oceans, coasts and their resources requires broad and specialized scientific knowledge. Public administrations (including Basque, Spanish and European), seeking management decisions, as well as national and international Institutions and companies connected to the marine environment, demand permanent innovation and technological development. Since 1981, AZTI has had a large number of clients: companies, institutions and public administrations collaborating in research projects oriented towards generating high added-value, technological knowledge, products and services geared towards the market, which transform ideas into value. For this purpose, AZTI has a multidisciplinary team of over 200 people with a high level of specialization, of which 130 are engaged in scientific marine research and development, and about 9 of them have managerial responsibilities. All researchers are educated to degree level, and more than 50 of them possess higher or postgraduate degrees. The added value of our organization is based upon the constant training of our staff. By means of R+D innovation and its capacity to develop applications that are transformed into effective solutions, meeting the demands of both, public and private sectors. AZTI has participated in numerous public (international, national and local) tenders regarding the abovementioned topics, being very successful at being selected as well as in the services provided. AZTI has also coordinated 10 EU research projects and been an active participant in over 50 EU-funded projects of different topics, tasks and objectives in marine environment.