Adress: B18, Université de Bordeaux, Allée G. St-Hilaire
Country: France

Background and Experience

For 50 years, Adera has been a day-to-day partner for research & innovation leaders in Aquitaine. Bridging the gap between public and private sectors, Adera helps academic labs to promote their capabilities and facilitates technology transfer towards the industry in the Aquitaine region.

Adera is working with over 500 companies and laboratories in Aquitaine. We provide the expertise, technical infrastructure and human resources to set up and manage efficiently complex research and innovation projects. Known for its reliability, the Adera has been ISO9001-certified since 2013 for its administrative, legal and financial management activities.

Adera is a key player in the field of research and innovation at the regional level. Labelled by the French Ministry of Research & Higher Education, Adera holds partnerships agreements with almost all research centers and engineering schools in Aquitaine, and works in close collaboration with Aquitaine Science Transfer, the regional technology transfer accelerator.