AZTI Foundation – Tecnalia (AZTI)

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AZTI (part of TECNALIA Technological Corporation and Associated to UPV/EHU through Agreement) is a non-profit general interest Foundation, which has been working since 1984 and is committed towards the protection of the environment, together with the social and economic development of the fishing and food sector. Research is undertaken in order to provide innovative solutions for the requirements of the various sectors, administrators and society, to achieve the sustainable management of marine resources.

Tecnalia corporation is the result of the union of common desires and objectives, between (6) Corporate Members. Under the auspices of environmental management, investigations are undertaken into: coastal and estuarine systems; coastal resources; anthropogenic and natural affects; environmental impact studies; environmental quality; simulation, exploitation and management, with risk analysis; development of the state of the coastal ecosystem; protection and recovery of the marine and estuarine environment; the global management of coastal systems; protected marine areas; and aquaculture. Oceanography, biology and ecology of living resources studies include: marine ecosystem management, including natural influences; productivity systems; population dynamics, including modeling; the development of indicators for ecosystem state analysis; trophic chains; and communities and biodiversity. Other interests include monitoring, databases and the use of GIS. Finally, the objective of AZTI is to solve problems, through an innovative model that balances the capability to generate and gather technology and its diffusion and transfer. Further to the research objectives, the associated marine research laboratories are committed to the organisation, procedures and quality systems of such laboratories.

AZTI Tecnalia will contribute to the project with first class researchers in the field of marine pollution and environmental quality management. They will teach in the intensive doctorate courses and will provide the experience of the research team, focusing on real cases. Moreover, AZTI will host those students that wish to carry out their PhD. Theses and provide supervision by experts in the specific research fields.

  • Expertise: Marine pollution monitoring, Operational oceanography, Analytical Chemistry, Ecotoxicological testing, Marine and Environmental policies (WFD, EMS, …).
  • External links: professional associations, administration (regional, national and European), international organisations (ICES, FAO, …)
  • Added value: AZTI will consider MER MSc graduates as qualified candidates for a doctoral position within the organisation.