Career prospects

Successful completion of this programme will prepare the student for a leadership role in various marine sectors such as conservation and environmental management, fisheries, non-governmental organisations and all levels of government from local to global.

European employers in the public and private sectors require top quality graduates as managers, planners, policy makers, researchers or advisors who can make a difference in marine environmental resource management. They need people who have the ability to think through complex issues, who can analyse the marine environment and its resources, including sustainable development, through field measurements and modelling, which are capable of managing projects and programmes, and have well developed leadership and personal skills.

MER consortium support career development since a MER MSc student is enrolled. A Careers’ prospect is delivered once registration has been formalized and is also available online in the MER MSc website. The prospect contains:

  • guidelines, links and references to orientate the student about potential careers and professional prospects;
  • interesting links for job seeking; and
  • examples of real published job offers to let them know which are the requisites and conditions for different employment opportunities in the real world.

The prospect is yearly revised, together with the website update. The tutor and the supervisor will also advise each student on potential careers and opportunities.

Associated institutions have committed to contribute to the dissemination and visibility of the MER MSc  achievements to the professional sector/associations, as well as to maintain the MER Consortium informed about opportunities in their sectors. They recognise that the learning outcomes of the Joint MER MSc programme are suitable for positions in their institutions/companies.

Likewise, associated institutions are willing to be recipient of outstanding students that get the MSc in MER.

Other institutions involved in Marine research, are suitable to welcome those who obtained this Master degree.

Introductory Guide (PDF)