A Joint European MER MSc Programme

This Joint European MSc Programme is aimed at forming such multidisciplinary graduates of transverse research profile, by attracting highly qualified and motivated students from around the world into a fully integrated world-class EU MSc programme. The original programme was conceived by SOTON, UPV/EHU, UB and ULg, utilising the extensive marine science expertise and experience of the (4) institutions.

Thus, the MSc provides students with competences and skills to develop a marine career in the following fields:

  • integrated coastal zone management;
  • protection of marine and estuarine environments;
  • adaptation to global climate change;
  • assessment of marine ecosystem health;
  • conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage; and
  • management of fisheries and other marine resources.

The MER MSc programme was designed originally by integrating parts of existing curricula and newly-created modules, to provide a restructured curriculum in Marine Environment and Resources; this was according to the socio-economic context and needs analysis. The MER MSc was run for the first time in 2006-07, with 11 students; this was based on existing national and international courses fully accredited and recognized by the University and the Education Ministry of each Partner's country. These courses were adapted especially and redesigned to integrate international students and staff. Since then, 78 students have followed, or are following, the studies successfully. The programme and procedures have evolved and been integrated, in order to be able to award a joint degree, as soon as the national regulations allow it.