Since 2019, the Cousteau Foundation proposes 1 nominee per intake to be recognised with the “Calypso Prize” to the best MSc Thesis research in the area of marine environmental conservation. The JPB ratifies the award winner. At the Graduation Ceremony the winner of the “Calypso Prize” receives it from the hands of guest stakeholders.

Lea receives the Calypso Prize (red hat and plate by courtesy of the Costeau Foundation) from Prof. Marta Barandiaran (UPV/EHU IIRR Vice-rector) and Prof Mathieu Poulicek (ULiége MER Consortium Coordinator) at the PiE-UPV/EHU Graduation Hall (September 2019)

2019 Winner

Léa Vignaud (Diversity of diet of herbivorous fishes in the Lesser Antilles (Scaridae and Acanthuridae), using isotopic and microbiologic approaches; supervisors: Charlotte Dromard & Malika Rene-Trouilefou; Université des Antilles)










Josu receives the Calypso Prize from Profs. Ionan Marigómez (MER Consortium JPB chair) and Manu Soto (UPV/EHU MER Consortium Coordinator) at the PiE-UPV/EHU Graduation Hall (September 2020)

2020 Winner

Josu Melendez (Site- and species-related variation in population development of three gull species: The importance of resource availability; supervisor: Morten Frediksen; Aarhus University)