Timeline: Application process

Application process

Open Call: November
MER MSc Application Phase 1 (potential E`M+ scholarship holders)

  • Register
  • Upload docs & Info (1)
  • Invite referees to submit references
  • Submit

Application Deadline: 2nd-3rd wk January
EM+ Application

  • Revision of info and docs (MER Secretariat) + Conditional Acceptance
  • Accept Proposed Study Plan (subject to further changes) (2)
  • Accept Student Agreement Draft
  • Reply to MER Secretariat’s queries
  • Apply for ERASMUS Mundus Plus (EM+) Scholarships
  • Submission of References by referees (3)

Selection Committee: 2nd wk February
Erasmus+ Scholarship Proposals to EACEA 4th wk February
MER MSc Application Phase 2 (slef-funded students)

  • Publish results of EM+ scholarship proposals (4)
  • Respond to Appeals
  • Re-open the On-line Application System for Self-funded students (new applicants and applicants non-selected for the proposed EM+ scholarship)
  • New applicants: steps 1+2 (deadline 2nd wk June)
  • All self-funded students: submit the Self-funded Student form and apply for MCG waivers, mobility grants and UPV/EHU mobility grants
  • Reply to MER Secretariat’s queries (accomodation procedures, ...)

Erasmus+ Scholarship Decission by EACEA: 4th wk May
Final Acceptance and Enrolments

  • Publish EM+ scholarship selection and Final Acceptance (5)
  • EM+ scholarship holders:
    Accept Provisional Student Agreement
    (may be subjected to minor changes and updates)
    Reply to MER Secretariat’s queries
  • Self-funded students: pay registration fees (5)
  • Original BSc Diploma (and legalized copy) and Proof of Proficiency in English are require at this step
  • Assistance for visas, travel and accomodation

Enrolment: 3th wk July

“Intro” days & Start of S1 Courses: 2nd wk September

(1) English proficiency and pathways restrictions. For Language requirements this is the relevant link. If you do not comply with these requirement but you have other solid proofs of English proficiency (e.f. studying the BSc in English, ...) you might be eligible only for pathway A2 (less restrictive language conditions; see Model Description Book); the evaluation committee will decide.

(2) Only used by the Selection Committee to make each applicant’s profile.

(3) Only references received before the 2nd wk of February can be used for scoring for EM+ scholarship selection (these can be uploaded online or sent by email to MER Secretariat.

(4) This is not definitive; the MER JPB proposes (late February) , EACEA decides (late May).

(5) This is definitive, as some selected candidates will resign, movements from the reserve list can take place at this step and new EM+ scholarhip offers can be done.

(6)  Final acceptance to Self –funded students will be approved only upon receiving the Self-Funded Student Form, the Provisional Student Agreement (SAD) and the Payment according to the SAD. Assistance for accomodatiion can be only ensured for early applicants (see web site for more details).

Application process