Innovation and Entrepreneurship

One day will be dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in marine science (“Turquoise Day”; turquoise = blue economy + green innovation; inter-sectoral and non academic lecturers) as a part of the compulsory RiMER course.

An optional specific course (Marine Entrepreneurship; 4 ECTS) is included as a part of the formation programme (Module 7. Marine Environmental Careers). This taught part is aimed at developing their creative and entrepreneurial thinking and provide students with skills to recognize and generate opportunities aligned to their capacities.

We are exploring the possibility to offer one award per cohort to that outstanding graduate who is willing to create her/his own company; the award would include technical and expert advice and free market study by a renowned financial company and would be logistically supported by the UPV/EHU TTI office.

Outreach to potential employment sectors

Special efforts will be addressed to promote the visibility of the MER+ EMJMD programme and the MER+ graduates in potential employment sectors:

A MER+ booklet will be available for stakeholders and worldwide distributed by different means (though associates, by email, website, printed material and presentations in events such as the “Ocean Careers Week” in Soton). A MER+ graduates’ booklet will be produced and publicised, with updates every year.

Assisted by the non-academic Associated partners missions of MER+ EMJMD delegates will present the programme and the graduates to relevant industrial clusters of the marine and maritime sectors, especially in the field of marine environment.